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Christopher Batts, founder, has spent the last 6 years making his mark on the wedding industry of the Carolinas. Serving over 200 bride and grooms within his wedding career, he realized that one major thing he enjoyed about weddings & events were the actual invitations for those events themselves.  

At their core, who would know about an event without an invitation? Even more so, how do you set the tone for your event prior to it happening?   


A beautifully curated and custom invitation.

Christopher has brought a nuance to the wedding invitation community and turned something that can be traditionally viewed as boring or plain, and has added flare and color. We are excited to serve all of our clients with a beautifully designed and handmade invitation for your events. 

We look forward to being a part of your history.

-Yours Truly
Christopher A Batts

GATHER & CO.     -     919-283-8664


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